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Here at Copper Electrical, we’re highly experienced with the shocking (couldn’t resist) hazards posed by electricity.

Your existing electrical setup needs to be safe, and some add-ons or upgrades will make sure it stays that way. That’s where we come in.

Whether you need a general home electrical safety inspection or surge protection installations, we’ll make it happen safely, swiftly, and stress-free.

Our Areas Of Expertise:


Switchboard Upgrades & Replacements

If your switchboard has seen better days, it’s time for an upgrade or replacement! Older switchboards are easily overloaded with today’s onslaught of high-tech gadgets, posing serious safety risks (like fires and electrocution).

New or upgraded switchboards from us possess built-in safety switches and are compliant with the latest residential regulations.

Smoke Alarms

To put it simply, smoke alarms save lives! Professionally installed and sourced smoke alarms, that is. They’re essential for any Australian home.

Our smoke alarms will reduce the risks of death or injury during fires, giving you ample time to get out and call for help.

Home Electrical Safety Inspections

For safety reasons and regulations (and peace of mind), our home electrical inspections are crucial. This is especially true for fire-prone climates like Australia – all it takes is a spark!

To ensure this never happens to you, our periodic inspections will:

  • Reveal any overloaded electrical circuits
  • Identify the absence of earthing or bonding
  • Locate any electrocution risks or fire hazards
  • Identify poor electrical work

Safety Switch Installations

We install safety switches that are designed to prevent electrocution by monitoring the flow of electricity through your circuitry. They’ll trigger the moment they detect an electrical leak, immediately cutting the flow at the source.

Surge Protection Installations

Whether it be lightning or power cuts, voltage spikes are more common than you think. That’s why we offer specialist surge protection installations.

These devices protect your electrical appliances from overheating or failing due to an unexpected voltage surge by diverting the excess safely to the earth!

Why Choose Us

For Your Peace Of Mind:

Copper Electrical’s technicians are highly trained and qualified per the latest residential regulations.

To ensure you’re protected, we offer a lifetime warranty for all work completed!

For Your Budget:

Our safety services are designed to fit the unique needs of your home – and thus, your budget too.

You won’t be charged for shocking hidden costs, we quote upfront and stick to it!

For Your Satisfaction:

We’ll never sacrifice your satisfaction or safety for savings! We only source highly reliable products from renowned brands.

Throughout every job, we ensure safety, cleanliness, tidiness, and open communication.

Areas We Serve

Copper Electrical’s safety services protect homes across the Central Coast!

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