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Copper Electrical offers professional power point installations for homes across the Central Coast, leaving a plethora of satisfied customers in our wake.

With the latest technology now accessible to the average homeowner, households are bursting with many different devices that need charging.

One or two power points may sound economical, but battling for socket space will overload your power points and put your electrical system under huge stress!

Multiple power points are a must in today’s modern world. That’s where we come in.

Our Areas Of Expertise:


General Power Points

General power points, or socket outlets, are a great option for your everyday device needs. They come with various socket fittings to suit different appliances.

Dedicated Power Circuits

These are non-negotiable for homeowners with large appliances that need to consume a lot of electricity for long periods. Dedicated power point circuits ensure these devices get the power they need. Without them, you’re risking overloading your system and tripping your circuit breaker!

Outdoor Power Points

Gone are the days of extension cords and tripping hazards! Outdoor power points ensure easy garden maintenance, freeing up your indoor power points. They also make entertaining guests more convenient, perfect for electric grills, festive lights, and music!

USB Power Points

These serve as convenient charging stations for multiple different devices (especially if you’ve lost your two-prong adaptor). USB power points will power or charge any device with a standard USB connection, from smartphones to tablets, gaming consoles, and more!

Why Choose Us

We’ve made a name for ourselves powering Central Coast properties! Here’s why our customers love us.

For Your Peace Of Mind:

Our technicians are highly trained and proudly qualified according to the strictest Australian residential regulations.

And with our lifetime warranty, you’ll have peace of mind knowing their work is up to code and your expectations!

For Your Budget:

Copper Electrical’s power point installation services are tailored to the unique requirements of your home, making them budget-friendly.

We also quote upfront and stick to it; no hidden costs, no worries!

For Your Satisfaction:

With us, your home will be respected as if it were our own, prioritising cleanliness, tidiness, and organisation. To ensure you’re fully satisfied, open communication is kept throughout every job.

You’ll enjoy the highest quality products from leading brands. Your satisfaction comes first, not saving costs!

Areas We Serve

We currently offer our services throughout the Central Coast! 

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