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Your electrical wiring is the veins of your home, pumping electricity throughout its structure. It powers your lifestyle; providing light in the dark, sheltering you from our scorching Aussie summers, and powering the devices that make your life better!

Yet, it’s often taken for granted! Many homeowners aren’t aware of the age of their wiring and the dangers posed by old, degraded circuits.

That’s where we come in. Here at Copper Electrical, we know the importance of having fully functional electrical wiring in top condition.

Whether you need home rewiring or a complete electrical layout designed, we’ve got the expertise you need!

Our Areas Of Expertise:


Entire New Homes Wiring

For new homes, professional home wiring is non-negotiable. We’ll wire your new home according to its unique electrical needs, ensuring it’s fault-free, up to code, and can support the modern lifestyle you live.

Our focus here is minimally invasive, aesthetically pleasing solutions. Using concealed conduit wiring, you’ll have the power you need to be plastered neatly behind your walls!

Renovations Wiring

Our wiring services will determine the layout of any extensions and reveal any defective original wiring. We’ll ensure that your new wiring is safe and in line with the latest residential regulations.

For larger renovations, we’ll rewire your home’s electrical system to ensure it has the capacity to support the additional lights, appliances, and electrical needs of your new space.

Home Rewiring

Older homes are at the mercy of deteriorating wiring, unable to support the demands of modern living and significantly affecting the value (and insurance rates) of your home.

Our home rewiring services will increase its amp capacity with properly insulated wiring. This way, we can prevent device burnouts and reduce the risk of electrical fires or electrocution.

Electrical Layout Design

When it comes to your home’s electrical layout, our design services are unmatched. We’ll help you map out exactly where you need power to ensure it’s always at your fingertips.

By letting us tailor the layout of your wiring, lighting, sockets, and switches to your needs, you’ll be able to easily coordinate your rooms, furniture, and appliance placement.

Why Choose Us

For Your Peace Of Mind:

  • Highly trained and qualified technicians
  • Compliance with the latest Australian residential regulations
  • Lifetime warranty for all work completed!

For Your Budget:

  • Services tailored to your home’s unique needs and budget
  • Free quotes upfront; no hidden costs, no worries!

For Your Satisfaction:

  • We guarantee your satisfaction by exclusively using premium branded materials
  • We’re clean, tidy, organised, and respectful of your home
  • Open communication every step of the way

Areas We Serve

We offer home electrical services across the Central Coast!

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