Install Power Points

The 6 Most Important Places To Install Power Points In Your Home

To put it simply, multiple power points are a must for today’s modern homeowner!

With a plethora of power-hungry devices to choose from, most Aussies find themselves battling for socket space to save their batteries.

Although everyone loves a bit of sibling rivalry, this puts your entire electrical system under huge stress. Worse, you run the risk of overloading your power points and sparking a fire! This is a NO-NO!

General Lighting Tips

Our Expert Electricians’ Top 3 General Lighting Tips To Help Your Home Shine

Whether you’re remodelling or bring your dream home into reality, the design and layout of your general lighting services should be on the top of your priority list!

Audio Visual Services

Why Home Entertainment Is A DIY-Don’t And Tips To Find Reliable Audio Visual Services

As today’s tech available to homeowners transcends rhyme and reason, DIY installations have become much more complicated.

The increased complexity and interconnectedness means that the slightest mistake will wreak havoc on your home entertainment system – especially with the added curveball of smart devices and automation.

WiFi Boosters For Home

What Happens When Multiple WIFI Boosters in Your Home

With the whole world at home and online since the COVID-19 crisis, our everyday connectivity needs have evolved with the virus.

The longer we stay inside, the more accustomed we become to a lifestyle of online shopping, socialising, exercising, working, and learning.


8 Shocking Signs Your Home Needs Rewiring

According to the NSW Fire And Rescue website, electrical faults cause approximately 40% of all residential fires in NSW! The worst part? These fires are entirely preventable.

For safety (and functional) reasons, you should consider your home rewiring– especially if your property is over 40 years old.

Landscape Lighting

These 3 Creative Landscape Lighting Ideas To Transform Your Outdoor Space

Landscape lighting is about more than just lighting your way outside.

Used creatively, it can evoke emotions, distinguish directions and boundaries, add ambience, attract attention, and highlight statement features!